5 New Blockchain Games on the Horizon

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For most people, August is a good month to chill, but it’s definitely not the case for game buidlers — seems they have been busy building dapps throughout the summer. This week, we are featuring five new gaming dapps building on top of the Ethereum, EOS, and Zilliqa blockchain — and all of them debut this month.


Ready for something new? Be bold and check out these new picks, and see if you can find the next game to test your might. 


Ocean Rumble: Enter an imaginary world under the ocean, where bizarre creatures fight

Sets in a secret world of 10,000 miles under the sea, Ocean Rumble is a PvP duel battle game of bizarre aqua creatures. You get to choose one hero (the core leader) and four minions to form a squad first, and then battle in the Arenas to win trophies and rewards to level up your squad. Not just simply going a head-to-head battle, you will need strategies to win the battle in each round, from choosing the best minions to using different lineup and beat your opponent. 


The game is powered by Zilliqa blockchain and built by gaming dapp veterans from Etheremon, Ocean Rumble allows everyone from every age group to play and enjoy the game without having the knowledge of blockchain or cryptocurrency.


Blockchain: Zilliqa 

Status: Presale


Alien Invasion: Concur earth and win free tokens

Remember the classic game Minesweeper on your PC? Now there’s a new casual game on the blockchain that is a lot similar to Minesweeper and you can play it on your mobile phone. Alien Invasion is a free-to-play, point and click strategy game on EOS. You don’t need to own / buy EOS to start the game.


The goal of the game is to explode as many bases as possible. You are given a certain amount of bombs and get a refill every hour of five bombs. You will be rewarded for your hard work with Lynx tokens. Each base you hit wins you free Lynx tokens. The game is available exclusively on Lynx Wallet right now.


Blockchain: EOS 

Status: Live

Chain Clash: Collect and train avatar fighters and fight for crypto clan 

Chain Clash is a free-to-play, collectible and battle game. Each avatar fighter is a non-fungible token on the EOS blockchain and with a human appearance, which looks pretty cool! You can build your own collection of fighters, train and power them up, and join forces with others to form crypto clans. The goal of the game is to battle with your rivals, prevail, and prove the power of your clan to reach the top of the clan leaderboard.


Every avatar will be affiliated with one of the game’s clans, which are representing mainstream crypto communities, like Bitcoin (the most popular one so far), Ethereum, EOS, TRON, etc. Besides a PC version, we will be expecting to play Chain Clash on mobile too.


Blockchain: EOS

Status: Private beta


ShitCoin: The Sh*ttiest coin you’ve ever seen

It’s not August Fools’ prank. ShitCoin is a simulation game, a meme, a parody, and most importantly, it has an ERC-20 token and you will be able to earn some sh*t (and shi*tload of fun), for free. 


ShitCoin is designed as a piece of humor — Ever wanted to experience a pure shitcoin, from airdrop to the private sale, as an early adopter or a whale investor? Work can wait, have some fun with ShitCoin now.


“To advance the crypto world by having a larger token supply. Bitcoin only has 21 million. Ethereum has 100 million. ShitCoin has 1 trillion. Which makes it better.” — The ShitCoin team


Will ShitCoin become the next Dogecoin? We’ll see. 


Blockchain: Ethereum

Status: Live


Infinity Star: Crypto fighting RPG with amazing hand-drawn 2D animation

Are you a fan of action RPG game? Infinity Star is a new RPG game that equipped with unique, colorful characters to collect, upgrade, and customize as you fight in epic battles to escape from an underground biological lab. 


A full RPG progression, including the item (as an ERC-721 token) crafting, upgrading, trading, and you need to form a team of three to proceed to the next stages by defeating all enemies. You will earn rewards by playing and recruit new champions to your team. 


There’s a lot to take in — and even more to get out of it. Infinity Star is a must-play for RPG fans. Grind your gears, gather companions, and head into a not-so-distant dystopian future.


Blockchain: Ethereum

Status: Presale starts today (August 26)



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