4 Tokens to Watch with Significant Changes in Active Address & Transfer Volume

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With insight comes opportunity. According to the onchain data tracking by dapp.com, 4 top tokens Curve $CRV, Chainlink $LINK, Uniswap $UNI and Chiliz $CHZ experienced significant changes in their Active Address and Transfer Volume in the past 7d, that you as an investor should be aware of these trading signals. 




Active Address ⬇️


Curve CRV

CRV is the Curve DAO Token. Curve finance is an exchange liquidity pool on Ethereum designed for efficient stablecoin trading, low risk, supplemental fee income for liquidity providers, without an opportunity cost.

From the 90d token data dashboards, we discover that in the long term, the CRV price curve moves in a similar trend with the CRV active address curve. When the active addresses of CRV token increases, the CRV price is likely to go up as well.



How did CRV’s active address change recently?

The CRV’s 7d active address has largely decreased by 34.93%. You might predict the CRV price based on the active address loss. Be careful of price correction.


Chainlink LINK

LINK is the token of Chainlink, a Polkadot protocol that provides reliable tamper-proof inputs and outputs for complex smart contracts on any blockchain.

As the 90d Token Dashboards show, LINK price is correlated with LINK’s active address. The high correlation is particularly evident in June, as you can see the 2 curves almost coincide.



We spotted that the active address of LINK has dropped in the past 7 days. 

The 7d active address of LINK dropped 19.87%. Do be aware of this bearish signal.



Uniswap UNI

UNI is the reward token of Uniswap, the leading AMM Dex on Ethereum. Not long ago, Uniswap upgraded to V3, with Concentrated Liquidity offering unprecedented capital efficiency for liquidity providers, better execution for traders, and superior infrastructure at the heart of decentralized finance. Both Uniswap V3 & V2 now rank in the top 10 dapps by 7d volume.

It can be clearly seen from the 90d Token Dashboards that UNI price is highly correlated with UNI’s active address - the UNI price curve moves in the same direction as the active address curve. 



What happened to UNI’s active address in the past 7 days?

UNI’s 7d active address decreased by 27.91%, which is probably a bearish signal for its price.



Transfer Volume ⬆️


Chiliz CHZ

CHZ is the native token of the Chiliz blockchain, where the popular social dapp for sports and esports fans Socios.com was built. You can use CHZ to buy Fan Tokens on Socios.com, then participate in the team decision by voting with your Fan Tokens.

The 90d Token Dashboards demonstrate that CHZ price has a close correlation with CHZ’s transfer volume. When the transfer volume hits a peak, CHZ price also seems to increase.



Then let’s check the token’s 7d transfer volume.

The 7d transfer volume of CHZ is $1.15B with a sharply 156.91% increase. So are you bullish or bearish on CHZ now?




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