4 Facts You Don't Know about TRC Tokens

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Have you discovered something utilizing our newly launched functions of TRC tokens tracking and price indicator?



In today’s section, we want to share with you the 4 facts you should know about TRC tokens after our in-depth study by using these 2 functions.


Read the below facts and it will give you new insights about the Tron blockchain ecosystem.




Fact 1: TRX is the main token used, counts for 92% of total Tron dapps volume


Q1 Data:

  • Q1 Tron dapps volume (TRX and TRC Tokens): $311.08M

  • Q1 Tron dapps volume (TRX only): $284.95M


TRX, as the native token of Tron blockchain, is in a dominating position of Tron dapps ecosystem’s token usage. Its volume counts for 92% of total Tron dapps volume, almost represent the whole Tron blockchain ecosystem dapps volume.




Fact 2: Besides TRX, which TRC token is the top used token?


Q1 data:

  • No.1: WIN, $14.29M volume

  • No.2: 888, $8.58M volume

  • No.3: BNKR, $2.06M volume




Fact 3: What if excluding exchange trading, which TRC token is the top used token besides TRX?


Q1 data:

  • No.1: 888, $3.13M volume

  • No.2: BNKR, $1.47M volume

  • No.3: WIN, $103.61K volume




Fact 4: Which TRC token is trading most in TRON DEX?


Q1 data:

  • No.1: TRX, $27.96M volume

  • No.2: WIN, $14.19M volume

  • No.3: 888, $5.45M volume




According to Fact #2, #3 and #4, WIN, 888 and BNKR are the most popular tokens in Tron dapps besides TRX.


Did you have enough takeaways from the above session? Which fact is new to you? 


In the next section, we will talk about the price indicator of Trc tokens.


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