4 Facts You Should Know about ERC-20 Tokens

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Last week, we had shared our latest study, “3 Findings from Using Dapp Performances As Indicators on Token Trading”, utilizing our newly launched functions.



You could see the explanation from our CEO in case you haven’t fully understand the ERC-20 token tracking for Ethereum dapps and dapp token price analytics. 



In today’s section, we want to share with you the 4 facts you should know about ERC-20 tokens after our in-depth study about the market. 



Fact 1: ETH volume ONLY counts for 7.37% of total Ethereum dapps volume


Q1 Data:

  • Q1 Ethereum dapps total volume: $10.33B

  • Q1 ETH total volume: $761.33M


Even ETH is the native token of Ethereum, ETH volume in dapps only represents 7.37% of the total Ethereum dapps market volume. (PETH and WETH excluded). 




Fact 2: WETH (Wrapped ETH) was used more than ETH in all Ethereum dapps


Q1 Data:

  • No.1: WETH, $3.08B volume; 

  • No.2: DAI, $2.96B volume;

  • No.3: SURE, $1.10B volume. 


To compare, ETH’s volume in dapp is $761.33M in Q1 2020. 




Fact 3: Which ERC-20 token is the top used token if trading is excluded?


Q1 Data of all dapps excluding exchanges:

  • No.1: WETH, $ 650.78M volume

  • No.2: DAI, $ 467.52M volume

  • No.3: ETH, $ 448.31M volume


According to Fact 2 and 3, WETH and DAI are both the leading utility tokens in all dapps.




Fact 4: DAI is the most popular ERC-20 stablecoin in dapps, almost 20X as USDT’s volume


Q1 Data:

  • No.1: DAI, $2.96B volume;

  • No.2: USDC, $528.53M volume;

  • No.3: USDT, $151.96M volume. 



Did you have enough takeaways from the above session? Or did you find something more interesting?



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