The Doge World - 4 Doge Dapps You May Be Interested

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With Elon Musk’s strong support on Twitter, Dogecoin marches in the public’s view and is definitely one of the top stars in the crypto market in 2021. The meme concept has become the inspiration for many dapps, as humor can easily raise people’s attention instead of complex blockchain technologies. 



If you are a doge lover, here are 4 doge dapps that you might be interested in! Let’s meet them now.




Doge NFT - Crypto Pet NFT


Elon AI mage from Kekistan has created 3000 Doge NFTs that exist in NFT form. And now you can get your Doge as a crypto pet in NFT token

Each Doge is generated by AI, hosted on IPFS and lives on Binance Smart Chain. Every Doge is a unique and beautiful pet with a variety of properties - hair, glasses, legs, background and color of skin. You can get them if you have a Metamask or Trust Wallet connected to Binance Smart Chain network.



What’s more, there is no reveal! Each purchase is a blind box, and you'll see your Doge instantly after the purchase. 



After 85% of Doge NFTs are sold, there is gonna be a Meme Doge Token for all NFT holders.



The Doge NFT’s social signal, users, volume and transactions all hit ATH in late June but then drop significantly. Be careful and do check the data before you invest. 



Corgi Doge - Animal Coin on BSC


You can trade Corgi Doge’s $CORGI token on PancakeSwap. $CORGI is a cryptocurrency based on the Binance Smart Chain.



The Corgidoge Ecosystem includes:


  • CORGI cryptocurrency

CORGI currency uses blockchain to transfer the value and benefits of cryptocurrency holders.


  • CorgiS - exchange

CorgiS cryptocurrency exchange allows trading and storing cryptocurrencies. In addition, it also pays profits to investors holding CORGI cryptocurrency.



  • CorgiR - real estate investment application

CorgiR Real Estate Investment application allows people to invest in real estate worldwide by paying with CORGI cryptocurrency. In addition to profiting from real estate, investors also benefit from the growth price of CORGI in the cryptocurrency market.



  • E-commerce platform CorgiE

CorgiE eCommerce platform allows anyone to buy/sell decentralized goods and pay with CORGI cryptocurrency, addressing the current inadequacies of currency exchange rate differences between countries.



You can track Corgi Doge’s social signal score to check its popularity on social networks.

There was a temporary boost of users and transactions for Corgi Doge at the end of May. The same as Doge NFT, the user and transaction amount drop crazily afterwards.


dAppy Doge - Mobile NFT Game


dAppy Doge is a mobile NFT game in which the NFTs possess tangible utility as playable in-game characters.

The game is free for anyone to play as the default character, but collectors who acquire a dAppy Doge NFT can then play as that fundamentally unique character with the noted modifications to their Gravity and Hopps abilities.

You can play on the web at or download it for Android in Google Play. 



The dAppy Doge NFTs are available on the secondary market OpenSea.

After purchasing, you will be able to enjoy the game freely!




Floki Shiba - Community Meme Token


Floki Shiba is new crypto birthed by fans & members of the DogeCoin online community, inspired by the famous meme coin. Floki Shiba seeks to improve the transaction speeds & adorableness compared to DogeCoin. 


  • $FSHIB

$FSHIB is a deflationary coin designed to become more scarce over time. All holders of Floki Shiba will earn more Floki Shiba that are automatically sent to your wallet by simply holding Floki Shiba coins in your wallet. Watch the amount of Floki Shiba grow in your wallet as all holders automatically receive a 5% fee from every transaction that happens on the Floki Shiba network. The community owns the Floki Shiba network earning from fees generated on the Floki Shiba network.


  • FSHIB Swap

FSHIB Swap is its official decentralized exchange. It gives holders the ability to swap any BEP20 token for another one, powered by the top BSC dex PancakeSwap.

Launched for just 18 days, Floki Shiba has experienced sharp increases in social signal and on-chain users, volume and transactions until 10th Jul. The performance started to slide afterwards. The $FSHIB token has a high correlation with Floki Shiba's users, volume and transactions.




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