4 Dapps That Make the Winter More Bearable

2019-12-09 07:10:00 · 8513 views · 3 min read

The freezing cold season has officially begun, and you’re likely spending a lot more time inside. There are actually some fun dapps you can use and play with your friends and family while staying indoors on a cold winter day. And if you live in a heat zone, you can try those dapps and have fun too — from binge-watching funniest videos to doodling together, there are decentralized ways to keep your squad and yourself entertained this season.


LOL Hunt: Your private channel for top funniest YouTube clips

Before TikTok, we used to watch funny videos compilation on YouTube. Now thanks to the decentralized technology, it just makes everything better — it brings more laughter into your life, and more importantly, without taking away your personal data. 


LOL Hunt is a platform for humorous video clips, which features the daily top funniest YouTube video clips that hunted and voted by you. All you need to do is sign in with your Blockstack ID, then you can start hunting video by posting the URL of YouTube video. Also, you can upvote and share it. The one that got the most votes is the one that got the most laughs. 


Your personal data, such as upvoting, hunting, and the login activity, are stored privately and securely on the decentralized storage. No one can get access to or control them except you. 


While we’re waiting for LOL to launch its mobile version, let’s LOL and chill now


Dcasso: Doodling game that respects your privacy

So, you love doodling and you like playing drawing games with friends. If that’s you, here’s your new obsession. 


Dcasso is a social game where you can show off your artistic skill and connect with other creative people. With a Blockstack ID and simple but handy drawing tools, Dcasso can literally turn you into Picasso in under one minute — you can either challenge yourself by drawing a random topic under 10 (easy) or 20 seconds (medium), or you can go with the hard one, which gives you 30 seconds to finish a more complicated work. You can interact with people’s artwork and give them heart emoji, smile laughing emoji, or a poop :) 


Now it's your turn, go draw something fun on Dcasso and don’t forget to share your artwork with us! 


Paras: Just like Wix, but decentralized

Having a personal website is a powerful way to get your brand out there. You don’t need lots of content for subpages — just one landing page is enough for you to stand out from the crowd. With websites like Wix, Weebly, and Wordpress, you can create a simple website just in a few clicks — it’s awesome, right? But Paras can offer something better — it not only gives you the freedom to create a simple yet beautiful landing page but also gives you the freedom to truly own your data. 


Here’s how it works: Log in with your Blockstack ID, complete profile (your name, intro, and etc), choose a template that you’d like to use, save it, then boom — your very first website is here! No code and design needed. And you can share it with a link. 


Preparing for interviews at home or thinking about building a personal brand in the new year? Paras can help you level up and impress the world! 


ARGearWorld: AR content marketplace

AR + blockchain, anyone? Building on top of the Klaytn blockchain, ARGearWorld is a marketplace for all the augmented reality content.


Like other online open markets for crypto-collectibles and digital items, you can buy and sell AR-based content like stickers on ARGearWorld. The platform also provides services — not just for the content consumer, if you are an app developer or AR content creator, you can use ARGear engine SDK and AR content management system with 5,000 AR contents. The platform offers incredible possibilities for all the creators. 


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