3 Projects/Tokens with Fabulous On-chain Data Drop

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As you already know, dapp projects’ on-chain data and tokens’ on-chain data have a high correlation with token price. For most of the time, token price moves alongside the changes of the project’s and token’s on-chain data in the long run. 3 Tokens to Watch in the Next 3 Months


Pancakebunny $bunny

  • Pancakebunny dapp user -66.65%, volume -92.99%, transaction -82.83% in 90d.



  • MDEX exchange unique trader -36.26%, dex trading volume -75.02% in 90d. 


Biswap $BSW

  • Biswap daily unique trader -47.5% since 22nd Aug. Daily dex trading volume -77% since 7th Sep.

  • $BSW token daily active address -53% since 22nd Aug.

  • $BSW token daily transfer -62% since 22nd Aug.




Pancakebunny $bunny

See from the above graph. The $bunny token price is highly correlated with Pancakebunny’s on-chain data. $bunny price, Pancakebunny users amount, and transactions all start to drop since 10th July.





The MDEX BSC daily dex trading volume starts to drop significantly from $456M on 24th Aug to $61.67M on 7th Oct, a decrease of 86.47%. No signal to bounce yet.




Biswap $BSW

The Biswap on-chain data of Unique Trader and Dex Trading Volume starts to increase since 11th July, together with its $BSW token price. $BSW price, unique trader, and dex trading volume all reach their 90d ATH at around the end of Aug and early Sep. And then, start to drop after that.


Token active address amount and transfer counts reflect whether this token is being actively traded, transferred, staked etc, which can be a wise metric for price prediction. As seen from the above chart, the $BSW token price and $BSW token active address and token transfers reach their 90d ATH at the same time (23rd Aug) and then start to drop gradually.


Do check the on-chain data of your invested tokens’ to predict the future price trend.




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