3 Products That Help You Create Your Own NFTs!

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Want to create your own NFTs, but don’t know anything about coding? Not good at painting, but full of wild dreams in your mind?



These 3 products are designed to help! Let’s dive into them and see how easy it is to be a blockchain NFT artist!




Nifty Ink


Open Nifty Ink, you can paint anything with this white board and the pen. Adjust the background, change the paint color, add a frame… When you finish your artwork, you could sell it in Nifty Ink’s market and earn xDAI tokens without any blockchain coding skills or gas fees.



If your artwork sells well, you might decide to mint it as an NFT on the Ethereum. According to the team, the arbitrary message bridge between xDAI and Ethereum allows your artwork to “upgrade” to mainnet. This will cost you gas fees. And the artwork can now be moved to secondary markets like Opensea.



Nifty Ink provides a user-friendly experience for start-up blockchain artists or users. Creation and selling is pretty simple at the beginning. The true authenticity is guaranteed by using blockchain technology. And you could flexibly choose whether to pay more and tokenize the artwork as an NFT on Ethereum mainnet.





NIFTYMOJI turns emojis into non-fungible tokens. 



You can mint your own Niftymoji by “inserting coins”, just like purchase a gashapon (capsule toy) with ETH. Each Moji is unique and has its power+luck scores, which are dynamically generated and recorded on-chain. However, the amount of Mojis to be minted are limited. Only 2,831 Niftymojis can be published on the blockchain, and now the mint period has ended. If you miss the mint, you can still purchase a Moji in a secondary market like Opensea.



And your Moji is more than a silent collectible. It could go on solo battles to earn MEXP, the project’s native token, and even ETH.



Niftymoji is more than an NFT maker. It is a project that combine NFT+DeFi. You could mine MEXP tokens with your Moji. Simply enter your Moji’s token ID and click “START”, it will automatically mine MEXP tokens for you. Such a “DeFi” way to earn. Your mining rate depends on your Moji’s luck score.



Track MEXP token price at: https://www.dapp.com/app/niftymoji.



Want more NFT+DeFi projects? Check this playlist: https://www.dapp.com/store/nft-defi-project.






Pixelchain allows you to create 32x32 pixel art and store it 100% on the blockchain.



Just paint on the board with your full imagination. You can even upload a palette you’d like to use. Every piece of work is unique and encoded into an ERC-721 token, which is an NFT created by you.



The platform itself has a marketplace, where you can freely sell and buy the pixel artwork NFTs.



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