2 New DeFi with Promising Token Rewards

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This week, we will introduce 2 new DeFi protocols that can help you invest like professional managers and get a relatively better APY. What’s more, besides the interest from your investment, you can even earn promising token rewards from these 2 platforms!



dHEDGE - Invest like the Best


dHEDGE is a decentralized asset management protocol connecting top-performance investment managers with investors on the Ethereum blockchain. 



What makes dHEDGE different is that, dHEDGE portfolios are powered by the Synthetix derivatives liquidity protocol. So dHEDGE managers can trade not only those popular cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, but also any synthetic asset. There are more than 40 synthetic assets available:

  • Equity Index Tokens: sNIKKEI, sFTSE

  • Commodities: sXAG, sXAU


  • ​Index Tokens: sDEFI, iDEFI, sCEX, iCEX

  • Crypto assets: sBTC, iBTC, sETH, iETH, sLINK, iLINK, sBNB, iBNB, sXRP, iXRP, sXMR, iXMR, sETC, iETC, sDASH, iDASH, sTRX, iTRX, sADA, iADA, sXTZ, iXTZ, sEOS, iEOS, sLTC, iLTC, sBCH, iBCH


Connect You with Top Investment Managers Globally


The dHEDGE leaderboard tracks risk-adjusted performance of all managers. To attract investors, investment managers compete for the top spot on the leaderboard.

You can also check each manager’s strategy and performance dashboard before you decide which one to invest in. Here’s an example below. This pool invests in LINK, BTC, AAVE and ETH. The manager holds 10% of the pool, and has earned 101.23% for this pool in total.

It has neither minimum asset size to be an investment manager, nor minimum investment size for investors to join a pool.



That’s All You Can Earn? NO!


dHEDGE’s unique Performance Mining will reward DHT tokens, the platform’s utility token, to managers bringing real value to investors and the dHEDGE platform. Investors can also earn DHT tokens by investing in top-performing dHEDGE pools.



After you earn DHT tokens as an investor or a manager, you can stake them to earn more.

The lock-up period is ranging from 1 month to 3 years. The longer you lock-up for the higher your governance and rewards power, vDHT. The DHT staking APY is up to 72.86% at the time of writing.



If you’d like to invest in dHEDGE and stake DHT tokens, it’s important to track the project’s on-chain performance. The DHT token price has a high correlation to dHEDGE’s active users and transactions as shown in the chart below.

(The black dot line represents DHT token price)



DeFiner - Put Your Crypto Assets To Work


DeFiner is a platform that provides non-custodial solution to your DeFi needs operated on the Ethereum network in one stop.

There are 2 major functions on DeFiner:

  • Earn Crypto (Savings): Deposit and earn 6% to 12% interest on your assets. You can withdraw any time with no fixed terms and the option to borrow against your savings. You can have savings for ETH, USDT, USDC, DAI, BAT, WBTC, LINK, ZRX, TUSD, MKR, REP, FIN (DeFiner’s native token) and FIN LP.

  • Lend & Borrow: Access the peer-to-peer marketplace to find or make a loan offer that’s right for you instantly.


What makes DeFiner different from other DeFi protocols?

  • Receive instant loans with a better interest than competitors

  • Payback loans with collateral

  • More options for fixed-term and fixed-rate loans



Saving interest + FIN token mining


Besides all the functions and features we’ve mentioned above, DeFiner has creatively introduced Proof of Premium (POP) Mining to encourage lenders and borrowers to continuously contribute to the platform and thus earn rewards.


POP is based on verification of the capital commitment the prover (lenders and borrowers) contributed in a specified time interval. So lenders and borrowers are miners for the DeFiner platform. Both lenders and borrowers will receive FIN tokens from the POP mechanism as an incentive to discount certain transaction fees in the future. The initial release of FIN via Proof of Premium set at a rate of 5 FIN per block to the miners (borrowers and lenders).

For example, if you do ETH savings on DeFiner, you will also mine FIN tokens with 5.05% APY

You can track DeFiner’s FIN token price on dapp.com. The black dot line represents the token price.



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