2 Dex with Great On-chain Performance and Potential Token Airdrops

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Going through the Dex ranking, we find 2 Dex with great on-chain performance and a potential to issue their own tokens, which definitely worth your attention. Actually, you might notice that most protocols would reward those who have interacted with their smart contracts with free tokens when they first launch their tokens.



So without any delay, let’s check them now.




OpenOcean now ranks No.9 among Binance Smart Chain Dex by 30d volume. It is the only Top 9 Dex without a token issued yet.



We’ve introduced OpenOcean, the first DEX aggregator on the Binance Smart Chain which aggregates liquidity from 12 different exchanges, allowing users to receive optimal fills. OpeanOcean ensures users buy tokens for the optimal price on the BSC, aggregating from all leading AMM's: PancakeSwap, Bakeryswap, StreetSwap, and BurgerSwap. Now it also provides the entrance to crypto trading and pools liquidity from both the DeFi and CeFi.

All the on-chain data of OpenOcean have experienced tremendous growth in the past 90 days. Its 90d Unique Trader Amount increased 528.27% and peaked in March; 90d Dex Trading Volume increased 992.25%, just hit ATH $74.62M on 29th Apr; 90d Trade Counts increased 628.41%.



It has already announced a round of $OOE token airdrop to users in March. Users who have interacted with OpenOcean anytime since the launch until 08/03/2021 23:59:59 (UTC+8), AND addresses that have successfully finished 4 valid transactions; OR have finished at least one transaction with total transaction volume above 40 USDT, will be able to their free $OOE tokens.



Missed Round 1? No worries. But actually, the team hasn't distributed the token rewards to any user yet. You may try to use OpenOcean now since no one receives the airdrop yet, maybe you will be added to the new airdrop qualified users? Who knows..... 



ParaSwap currently ranks No.20 in Ethereum Dex by 30d volume.



ParaSwap is a DEX aggregator that provides swaps and payment capabilities while getting the best market rates and cheaper gas fees. It can mix and match liquidity pools to get the best price to settle your orders. 



The main features include:

  • Swap: simple & optimised token swap

  • Swap & Pay: swap a given token in an address for another token in another address ($ETH in address A -> $DAI in address B)

  • Earn: lock your asset to supply liquidity to Bancor and earn a share of the commissions generated.

  • Price Alerts: to receive a notification by email or URI (developers) when one of your alerts is triggered.

ParaSwap’s 90d Dex Trading Volume, the important metric for Dex, went up 170.62% to $623.36M.



Check the social signal, you should notice that its social signal increased 54.59% in 24h. It is because Paraswap just released its new round of fundraising of $3 million. The round was led by Blockchain Capital, White Star Capital, and DeFi Alliance, with participation from Andre Cronje, founder of Yearn Finance; Michael Egorov, founder of Curve Finance; and Fredrik Haga, founder of Dune Analytics.



Will the new funding trigger a possible token economy for ParaSwap?




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