After 1inch Christmas Airdrop, Who Will Be the Next DEX to Issue Token?

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Decentralized exchange aggregator has issued its own governance token this Christmas.


Users of and the Mooniswap, which is an AMM protocol by the 1inch team, can get their 1INCH token rewards as a Christmas gift. Users will be able to vote for community decisions like fees, referral rewards, and other governance issues. With the new 1INCH token, 1inch Network is now governed by a DAO.



The 1INCH token is based on the Ethereum blockchain. All wallets that have interacted with 1inch until December 24 midnight, can receive 1INCH tokens as long as meet one of the following conditions: 

  • At least one trade before September 15, or

  • At least 4 trades in total, or

  • Trade for a total of at least $20.



90 million 1INCH tokens have been airdropped to users. Have you received yours? 




How does on-chain data and social signal data react to its token issued?

  • Social signal

Due to this token airdrop,’s social signal score hit 15,071, increased by 453.88% and ranked No.2 in all decentralized exchanges


1INCH token price was up by 16% in just 24 hours with a trading price reaching $2.9 but dropped to $1.05 ATL afterward, maybe due to the airdrop sale.



Its 24h active users hit ATH 8,687 on Christmas day. There were 14,838 transactions on the same day, which also breaks the ATH. The volume increased almost twice from $52.24M on 24th Dec to $94.21M on 25th Dec.



See the high correlation of $1inch token price and its on-chain data 👇

If you check the top decentralized exchanges, almost all have issued their own tokens. For example, Uniswap $UNI, Curve $CRV, and SushiSwap $SUSHI. We list them all here for you: Top DEX with Tokens. 1inch is the latest top DEX to launch a governance token. 




Then who will be the next?


Go through all the ranks by different dimensions on our DEX topic page, we find several DEX with great performance yet not have issued tokens, which definitely worth attention:



dYdX is the world's leading decentralized trading platform for Ethereum based assets. It also supports lending, borrowing, and margin trading with custom leverage.

Both the users and transactions have grown dramatically since 24th Dec. Its 30d volume at the time of writing exceeds $6B, which ranks No.2 in all DEX, just behind Uniswap V2.





ParaSwap is a DEX aggregator that provides swaps and payment capabilities while getting the best market rates and cheaper gas fees. It can mix and match liquidity pools to get the best price to settle your orders. 

ParaSwap’s 30d users experienced a significant increase of 419.55%, and the 30d transactions increased by 162.92%. Yet the 30d volume had a 50.61% decrease.



Do you know why its social signal increased so much? What is discussing about ParaSwap in social networks? Tell us in the comments!





Matcha is a crypto trading platform powered by 0x Protocol. In Matcha, you can find the best price across various liquidity sources, including 0x, Kyber, Uniswap, Oasis, Curve, and others.

Matcha’s social signal score is fluctuating up in December. The 30d users dropped by 48.70% and transactions decreased by 53.16%. However, its on-chain volume has experienced a 28.86% increase in the past 30 days. 





KLAYswap is the outperforming non-ethereum Dex. Built on Klaytn blockchain, It is an on-chain swap service that allows anyone that has any KLAY or KCT-type token to become a liquidity provider and earn income from transaction fee commissions. It is a complete on-chain instant swap protocol that operates with an on-chain liquidity pool, where the liquidity of KLAYswap is guaranteed by AMM mechanisms. You can regard it as the Uniswap on Klaytn.

KLAYswap’s 30d users increased by 82.14%, transactions increased by 22.64% and volume grew by 47.10%.




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