What is Dapp.com?
Dapp.com is a space where everyone can learn about what decentralized technology is and how it can transform the world.
We help you understand, create and enjoy this exciting new technology with confidence.
Developers can gain the tools and knowledge to bring their innovative decentralized tech ideas to market.
Dapps can be showcased to and reviewed by users around the world.
Users can discover high quality, reliable dapps which will add value and ease to their lives.
Our Story
We are obsessed with blockchain technology and its massive, exciting potential. We’re always checking out the latest decentralized app (dapp) launches, reading industry news, attending and speaking at conferences…
Why are we so into all this? Well, we mentioned potential. The blockchain is an entirely new technology, and is so much more transparent, open and secure than what we’ve been used to. Because there are no central entities running the show, it’s a far more democratic space in which we place our trust in processes, rather than in people.
While cryptocurrencies have been hitting the headlines, the applications for decentralized technology extend way beyond Bitcoin and financials. The industry is so new that the surface hasn’t even been scratched yet! Working in this space at such an early stage is incredibly exciting.
We know though that many people find the blockchain and decentralized tech to be mystifying and overwhelming. So we have set up Dapp.com to help as many people as we can to understand what it’s all about, why it’s so exciting, and how you can use it - either as a developer, or as a user.
Our Mission
We are creating an entire ecosystem to encourage dapp development, awareness, and usage. Our mission is to demystify decentralized technology, helping, and inspiring developers and users to embrace this exciting new space with confidence.
Our Values
We’re creating environment that will empower others to bring thousands of ideas to life & to realize the potential of the new, decentralized technology.
Cutting Edge
We’re driven to be smart about improving how things are done, and to come up with entirely new ideas that solve big problems.
Our team has deep expertise which we build on daily. We also never stop learning, which is a must in the constantly-changing industry.
We are thrilled to be alive in this era of tech transformation and grateful for the opportunity to help drive the adoption of blockchain-based technology.
Our friendly team enjoys tech discussions with other experts - just as excited as we explain concepts to people who are new the crypto space.
Age, gender, nationality are not important - we value equality and diversity... you never know who will surprise you with their talents.
Our Team
Where are we?
Want to transform the world of decentralized technology?
We’re always looking for talented folks to join our team. If you have a passion for what you do and ready to make an impact to the blockchain industry, welcome to send us your resume.
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