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Tron Village
Tron Village is by far The Best investment idle game on the Tron network. <br><br> Most importantly, the smart contract has been independently audited and found to be 100% safe and immutable. Nothing can be changed about the code and all TRX funds invested are locked into the smart contract and not even the developers can take out a single "cent" metaphorically speaking. Not that they would. This team is solid. In the past weeks the devs have added multiple features to the GUI so we can see additional information about out investments, deposits and withdrawals, they are constantly on Telegram answering questions and helping players understand the game; and they have initiated a generous contest with something like 50% of entrants receiving a prize... very generous. <br><br> Another critical factor that sets this FOMO idler apart from the rest is the 50/50 nature of your profits. Profits from your factories are paid hourly with half your profits being sent to your "Spare funds" which can be withdrawn anytime. The other half is sent to your "Treasury" and can only be used for further developing your production capacity by purchasing additional factories. This 50/50 split ensures the longevity of the game because you can only withdraw half your profits at any time. Even the largest of whales cannot swim in and drain the reserve because of this ingenious mechanism. <br><br> The game has only been active since the first week of January and is growing daily. The community TRX reserve is about to reach 20 Million TRX and new players are joining everyday. If you want to get in on the best FOMO game out there, it is still a great time to invest!
2019.02.19 04:35

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